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Fitness Coaching
the 80%20% way! 

Includes Nutrition + Health Coaching. 

I am not your average "Personal Trainer" 

If you want to make serious habit, nutrition, and lifestyle changes your going to need a COACH.

I can guarantee this will transform your BODY and Life! 

We also need to focus 80% on NUTRITION...  This is a Non-negotiable.  

Functional Personal Training & Health Coaching
for men & women
ages 50 + 
The 80%20 way. 

Local Work-Out Locations
Tsawwassen, Ladner, White Rock, South Surrey only. 

All our work-outs and food sessions you're going to LOVE it's easy inspiration AKA Inspo for your MOJO to get motivated to change, feel youth, and playful again or get you primed for the 50's because as I reached 50 everything changed!   My GOAL is to motivate and inspire you to keep going in your health and fitness as you age to prevent disease and unfunctional bodies.  


Aimie Wallace CFNC, CSNA

Certified Functional Nutrition Counsellor (CFNC)  
Certified Health & Life Coach 
Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA)  
Certified NASM Personal Trainer 


Everyone starts here: 

The Intro 8020 Package this a 5 session series that introduces you to many things and how my programs work for 80%20% we don't just hammer out weights and call it a day!   We also work on Nutrition/Food/Supplementation. 

The 8020 Introduction Program you get: 

5 sessions with me, even training it's alot education, fun but not easy! 

First session is 1 hour and it's always ONE on ONE, what we do: 

I want to learn more and get to know your goals, and you will get:

Body Impedance Composition Analyzer Scan which consists of 13 KEY MEASUREMENTS:  (NO Fat pinchers that's just wrong!) 

  1. Weight

  2. BMI

  3. Body Fat

  4. Metabolic Age

  5. Visceral Fat

  6. Body Water

  7. Skeletal Muscle

  8. Muscle Mass

  9. Bone Mass

  10. Subcutaneous Fat

  11. BMR

  12. Fat-free Body Fat 

  • 2 x  Work-out sessions for 1 hour each (Upper & Lower Body, with CORE) 

  • 2 x  Food/Functional Nutrition sessions for 1 hour each via on-line ZOOM 

*This is an in-person, by appointment office visit.  Located on the Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course, nice golf view of HOLE#14#LOVE 

Really affordable pricing, starting at $45 hour rates!  I want you to hit your goals, and change OLD habits it's not a quick fix, it's going to be a pursuit of healthy happiness. 

Intro Package Prices: 

5 SESSIONS for $225 per Individual  (works-out to $45/hr.) 

5 SESSIONS for Couples / Tandem $425 total ($212.50 each) 

5 SESSIONS for small group of 4 individuals $840 total ($210 each)

( The First session is  always ~ ONE on ONE for 1 hr by appointment only.)

Please read the caveats:   

#1 All Work-Outs are at CLUB 16 locations, as I am a member.  

#2 All Work-Outs I train along with you, as I am NOT employed by CLUB 16

so we simply become training "buddies".  

#3 Remote Work-Outs meaning your gym of choice, you must pay my drop-in fee's if they apply and caveats #2 still applies buddy. 

#4 In-Home gym work-outs can be done but do need to be discussed in advance, as I would be bringing some of my functional equipment, plus travel time, etc.  But nothing is impossible!  

#5 ALL Programs must be paid in full in advance.  

#6 Any small group of 4 you put together needs to stay with 4 only, and if just 3 you will need to cover the difference of the package price.  I give my attention to you and 4 is a perfect number to do that with.  


Body Weight Training
Suspension Training 
Battle Rope Training 
Cardio is on YOU 

Next Steps / Add-ons because working out is a forever game plan. 

- In-your Kitchen/pantry home visits: we go through what's eating you and learn what works and then we switch and & ditch the unhealthy foods. 
$55 /one hour in-home session bring the entire family it's reality lessons.

$35 /40min. On-line Coaching sessions

After the 8020 Intro continue to work-out and learn more with me: 
$45/ hour per single session 
$40/ hour 5 sessions or more (unlimited) 

Vegan Tacos
80% FOOD

the gamechanger 

&rethink proteins

YES I still work with MEAT EATERS
Kettle Bells

Why I advocate for PLANT-BASED FOODs? 

PLANT POWERED: Can you be vegan and strong? | Patrik Baboumian

Check this guy out! 

More PLANT-FUEL for proof!  

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