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Do you want to know the current Health state of your body? 

Just in doing an AO Vital scan we will see your full blood comprehensive, fatty acids, digestive, inflammation/oxidation, insulin resistance, pancreas, nutritional analysis: amino acids, digestive acids/enzymes, macro minerals, micro minerals, vitamins, coenzymes, basic physical, bone & muscle condition,

bone growth index,  bone mineral density/disease, cardiovascular, collagen index, endocrine, eye health, Hormones: Mood/Sex/Sleep/Stress, immune system, kidney function, liver, gallbladder function, toxins, heavy metals, and parasites!  

WOW all in one scan.   

Services: Services
Clock and Plant

Nutritional Counselling Consultation

Health History Intake Form

AO Inner Voice Radionics Scan & Emotional Health Report with audio files & Health Vitals Scans

AO Optimization Treatment Scan

Diagnostic Assessment & Reporting

Nutrition & Treatment Plans 

27 page Digital Health Vital Scan Report

2 sessions 1 hour Consultations 

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